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all-day Wim Hof Method April 28-29 2018 @ Mandala Springs
Wim Hof Method April 28-29 2018 @ Mandala Springs
Apr 28 – Apr 29 all-day
Wim Hof Method April 28-29 2018 @ Mandala Springs | Barnardsville | North Carolina | United States
Come Join Certified Wim Hof Method Instructors Rob Lenfestey and Samuel Whiting Two day Immersion April 28th and 29th, 2018 For more info please contact info@roblenfestey.com or visit Inspired Change Yoga


Class descriptions:


This is Yogaslackers’ fundamental class, where anyone can learn to slack in 90 minutes. Slackline Fundamentals is a unique practice that teaches complete body awareness, helping you to redefine your sense of balance and mental focus. Slacklining is great for yogis, climbers, couch potatoes, and athletes of all kinds.


In this 90 min playshop you’ll learn the basics of the Slackasana series. This includes standing (commitment), kneeling (core strength), sitting (focus), arm balancing (breath), as well as exercises for more seasoned slackers to expand their comfort zone on the line. All skill levels encouraged to come. No experience necessary.



Some Slackline, Yoga or Acrobatics experience suggested.

We will use a partner, a slackline and the ground to perfect and breakdown movements used in acrobatics and on the slackline. For example, an acrobatic knee balance can be used to mimic the movement of the slackline. Please be familiar with: walking, kneeling, sitting, basic arm balances and surf stance on the slackline OR Basic “L” basing or flying on the ground. This Playshop is great for the Acrobat wanting to learn to slackline or the Slackliner who wants to learn acrobatics