About Rob Lenfestey

Rob Lenfestey is the world-renowned educator and innovator in the world of radical, creative, superhuman self-empowerment. Thousands of the top CEOs, celebrities, athletes and Innovators on the planet look to Rob for expert advice and inspiration in health, creativity, personal empowerment and fitness.

With a life full of far-reaching achievement in many fields, Rob’s accolades and experiences are that of a true creative genius. Rob has taught his unique Yoga and lifestyle practices at events such as the Wanderlust Festival and the Yoga Journal Conference.

He is an accomplished Pianist and Composer and has worked on Grammy Award nominated musical projects and published two albums as his genre-bending musical project, Amorphos. Rob has played with musicians ranging from members of Rock band Ween to Bluetech to Burning Spear and George Clinton and The Parliament Funkadelic.

Rob is an accomplished entrepreneur in superfood distribution as Mandala Naturals. An avid mountaineer and climber, and spiritual adventurer, Rob became the Youngest solo-ascensionist of Aconcagua; the world’s tallest mountain outside of Himalayas.

Rob has met with world leaders in South America, India and Nepal; and has been personally hugged and addressed by H.H. The Dalai Lama and given private audience with H.H. the Karmapa.

As a board member of the Cloud Forest Conservation Initiative, Rob works with indigenous communities in Guatemala to help conserve one of the last, greatest unprotected virgin cloud forests in the world. Rob’s passion is to give the gifts of knowledge, empowerment and health to all.