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Power to the Playful combines playful practices from around the world into a tour-de-force of fun, zany and powerful explorations that will draw the holistic superhero out of anyone.

No experience necessary, this class will alternate between more yin, or mindful practices and full-on physical yang practices to help balance the mind, body and the spirit.

Each class is wholly and uniquely different, evolving like and interactive story between the facilitator and the group.

This workshop pulls from the worlds of Slackline yoga, Acro yoga, years of performance and circus training and playful tools gathered from workshops world wide. Come play with us and see for yourself how play can change the world!




Unleash the Wild Spirit


Come experience the wild wisdom inside you. We will learn to hone our physical senses and use them in new ways. We will learn to move the way our bodies were designed, unlocking primitive movement patterns that help us stabilize, align and strengthen. We will use our voices to move energy in our bodies. We will then learn how to connect to the spirit of anything starting with the kingdom of plants. We will learn how to unlock our very practical and inherent ability to communicate with the world around us, with the living Earth. Whether you perceive them as spirits, energy or simply electromagnetic coherence it does not matter, the ability to ‘vibe’ with anything in the living world is an essential skill in a happy, holistic and healthy human. The combination of these skills give us the tools to engage our lives with a primal grace and wisdom that has been lost in our society. It opens the door to an entirely new adventure of being human.


The Art of Balance: Slackline for Daily Life


The slackline is a special tool that helps us find stillness in an ever-moving system, to find relaxation in an active posture and provides a powerful mind-body-spirit altering tool for biofeedback in our relationship to the world of Balance. Novices and experts alike are welcome as we explore the fundamentals of slackline as a tool for mindfulness, honing the body and changing the way we move in the world. We will explore how utilizing the slackline can have lasting effects on the rest of our lives..