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About Rob Lenfestey’s Music

Rob has been writing and composing music on the piano since early childhood. His music blends a wide rage of influences from all over the world with a style that is unique and dynamic. Sometimes playful, sometimes somber, sometimes fast and sometimes slow Rob captures the dynamic nature of his life and personality in the music that he plays.

Amorphos Music

Amor: (n) latin Love Phos: (n) Latin Light Amorphous (adj) English: being able to change form and shape

Rob Lenfestey’s acoustic/electric fusion project Amorphos combines instruments and rhythms from around the world withhis piano, percussion kora, kalimba and electronic instruments to create a sound that is unique. Each song weaves a story that takes you on a journey of its own. His premiere Album as Amorphos, ‘The Gathering’ is available on Amazon, iTunes, Bandcamp and more.

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Rob Lenfestey’s Amorphos Music

Other Rob Lenfestey Music Projects


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