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Where Did the Magic Go?

It has never left.

It has been trammeled, beaten, clear cut, dammed and slaughtered.

And yet it still lives. In certain oasis’s it thrives.

Where water runs free and ancient trees still live.

And yet, even in the most destitute and compromised corners of this planet it lives.

Magic is resilient. Magic is not some auxiliary force, it is a way of describing life itself.

It is the state of things when we silent our neurotic minds and place our bare feet on the earth.

When we begin to hear the whispering of the breeze and the lament of the trees.

When we feel the water rushing over our bodies and feel the interruptions of that flow hundreds of miles downstream.

When we know that each being is vitally important, and a part of ourselves.

Greed and exploitation are sad realities. They do not anger me.

For anyone who can trade the biodiversity of this beautiful world for something as shallow as money is sick, lost.

I weep for these tortured souls. Every bit of life they take in the name of greed is further killing their wild spirit.

Their power and vitality becomes buried deeper and deeper by the psychopathic warden of their minds.

And they exploit more. Feverishly they strive for power. And they find a form of it. However it is power corrupted and incapable of satisfying even their most basic needs. And so look at those who exploit, the ‘rich and powerful’. Their skin sags upon their frames. The light in their eyes is buried so deep as to appear nonexistent. Their faces do not naturally conform to smiles, to the physical expressions of light and joy. I do not feel anger towards these beings. I feel a grief, an immense sadness.

My friends, I make a request of you. From the depth of my heart and for the love of this planet, sitting on the knife edge of life and death, I urge you to take a radical and courageous step out your day to day lives.

Go into the wild. Take off your shoes. Drop low to the Earth, move silently. Open your ears, open your eyes and most important of all, open your imagination. It is the key to our true sanity. It is the key to unlocking the sickness of unchecked pragmatism, a cage to the wild spirit. Invoke your hunter/stalker. Millions of years of hunting/stalking has not been lost on you.

Drop low, open your eyes and silent your mind. Listen and feel, let the sensations speak to your body. Ignore the mind at first, it will strive to put each experience into that cage, it will strive to keep you there. Let your imagination run wild. You need do nothing else. Bring warm things, place yourself in the wild woods alone for a night. Feel the vulnerability. Within it lies a strength you may have never known you had. This strength is your true power. It is the power that can truly cancel out the madness that has prevailed for so many generations. This, my friends, is the gateway to magic. To worlds within worlds that remain untapped by most people today.

If you feel the call to take such a step and need support ask me. I am here to help guide those who are ready into a deeper expression of their true power. I also recommend Bill Plotkin’s Animas Valley Institute for those who want a different avenue to this experience. I also recommend his books.

One final question, for those who resonate with this message.

If not now, when? There will always be more work to be done, more responsibilities to keep us distracted. Until we connect to our true power, our spiritual adulthood and our true potential, all that work we are doing is only a fraction of the potency it can be. For true leverage as a force of something inspiring and powerful on this planet we must drop what we are doing long enough to give ourselves the gift of ourselves, fully present and empowered.

Rob Lenfestey is an educator and innovator in the world of radical, creative, superhuman self-empowerment through his practice of Creative Integration. Thousands, including CEOs, celebrities, athletes and some of the top innovators on the planet look to Rob for expert advice and inspiration in health, creativity, personal empowerment and fitness. He is an accomplished Pianist and Composer and has worked on Grammy Award nominated musical projects and published two albums as his genre-bending musical project, Amorphos. Rob has played with musicians ranging from members of Rock band Ween to Bluetech to Burning Spear and George Clinton and The Parliament Funkadelic. Rob is an accomplished entrepreneur in superfood distribution as Mandala Naturals. Rob has met with world leaders in South America, India and Nepal; and has been given personal audience with H.H. The Dalai Lama and H.H. the Karmapa. As a board member of the Cloud Forest Conservation Initiative, Rob works with indigenous communities in Guatemala to help conserve one of the last, greatest unprotected virgin cloud forests in the world. Rob’s passion is to give the gifts of knowledge, empowerment and health to all.

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