Creative Genius forthcoming

Unleash Your Creative Genius

Forthcoming Book; Winter 2015



We are all Creative Geniuses.

Some of us have forgotten it. Some of us forgot very early on, in our childhood.

This does not change the face that a creative genius still exists inside of you.

The only difference is whether we have fed our Creative Genius or starved it.

This is accomplished through the tiny habits of each and every day.

habits that are so deeply ingrained we may not have any awareness that they exist.

For this reason we must have tools in order to root out the habits that keep us rigid and disempowered.

We must likewise have tools to gradually replace those habits with ones that encourage our natural vitality, malleability and creativity.

‘Unleash your Creative genius’ is a practical guide to your own, innate creativity. Using simple tools that change ‘how’ we do the things we do rather than changing ‘what’ we do, we are able to access forgotten and latent talents, skills and abilities within the existing framework of our day to day lives.

We will explore the common pitfalls of modern life and how we can adjust our behavior and environment to maximize our inborn potential.

Whether we are sitting in front of a computer or TV screen, waiting in line at the DMV or climbing mountains and pushing our threshold of mind, body and spirit, ‘Unleash your Creative Genius’ will provide opportunities to take our lives to the next level.

Pulling from some of the most innovative and inspirational leaders in many different fields, the tools in ‘Unleash your Creative Genius’ have been shared with thousands and changed as many lives.

Through the practice of ‘Creative Integration’ we look at the human potential from a holistic perspective. With a foundation in simple neuroscience we see that improvements to every aspect of our lives has a beneficial impact on all other parts. Parts of our life from how we move our bodies, to our relationship to music, rhythm, the words we speak, the way we think and the environment we live in all interact and strengthen each other in ways that open our lives to greater adaptability, innovation and personal freedom.

Personal freedom; from the shackles of our own unconscious behaviors is the greatest gift we can give ourselves. The creativity, innovation and happiness that it brings is the greatest gift we can give to the world. That is why ‘Unleash Your Creative Genius’ exists. There is no greater opportunity that exists.

Welcome to the Adventure of a Lifetime!

Rob Lenfestey, Author, 2015