wilderness yoga

Wilderness YogaWilderness Yoga is the true Integrative Yoga Practice

Get Off the Mat and Into the Wilderness

The Wild is our Greatest teacher. When we practice in nature, we learn and grow exponentially.

Wilderness Yoga combines the practices, mindfulness and breath work of Yoga with the living, dynamic world of the wilderness.

Yoga Asana in studios is limited. Flat, insulated, hard surfaces and gridlocked mats rob us of the subtlety, spiritual and sensory opportunities the wilderness provide .Wilderness Yoga Brink of Sedona

In a yoga studio a range of dynamic opportunity is missed. The feel of the breeze on your skin, the sounds of the forest and running water, the grounded peace of soil and stone underfoot.

Wilderness Yoga takes the practice of Yoga Asana and expands the experience available with each and every breath and movement.

Wilderness Yoga combines traditional yogic techniques with Native American stalking and environmental awareness techniques. Prepare to leave convention behind as you explore the natural world in new, powerful and creative ways.

If you would like private sessions or to inquire about group sessions please e-mail info@roblenfestey.com

Here are some articles I have wrote about why we need to spend more time in the wilderness. Spending quality, undistracted time outdoors is one of the most important practices we can have in the modern world. It is the disconnection for the wilderness that lies at the heart of nearly every misdirected and selfish activity on this planet.It is in connection to the wilderness that we can truly know who we are and how we can be the happiest and most productive agents of health and vitality in this world.