Yogaslackers Class in Whistler


Creative Integration Programs 2015-2016

Program Schedule available in the Calendar. During the Launch of ‘Unleash your Creative Genius’ most programs are on hold. If you have any questions about private or group sessions please email

Wilderness Yoga: Off the Mat and into the Wild

Wilderness Yoga is the true Integrated Yoga Practice. Utilizing the full range of sensory opportunities, dynamic surfaces and deeper connection to the living planet, Wilderness Yoga provides all the missing pieces that indoor, insulated grid-locked mat yoga does not.


Wilderness Adventures and Trainings

There is no better teacher than the wilderness. Join Rob in dynamic environments to learn the core principles of Creative Integration. With programs designed for first time wilderness adventurers and seasoned veterans alike, expeditions with Rob are unlike any other on Earth. Wilderness Adventures range from a few hours to a few weeks. For more information please email

Talks and Seminars

Join Rob Lenfestey as we explore the keys to vitality, adaptability and total human empowerment that is available anywhere at any time. We will discuss specific strategies for easily and systematically unlocking your own Creative Potential and look at the subtle ways we often sabotage our own efforts without even knowing it.