One Million Atrocities, Billions of Acts of Magic

Everyday we are bombarded with news from around the world. Many of our biggest news providers thrive off of violence and  fear. Many of those who reject the mass media view still rail against the injustices in our world. It can seem that no matter where you turn something to fear or fight is presented.

However in a world of a million atrocities there are simultaneously billions of acts of magic.

Billions of daily acts of kindness, of service. Billions of smiles and Billions of people living life the best they can.

So in a world that is overwhelmingly good why do we tend to focus on the things that aren’t?

For one, we know that it can be better. We can live more sustainably, more peacefully. We can live in a world that no longer allows the exploitation of peoples by a power hungry minority.

However, if we dwell on the atrocity, the injustice of all of this then we have missed the mark in a big way. We have lost an opportunity to be the most effective and integral human beings we can possibly be. In a world of a billion acts of magic, we have given our power over to the very things we wish to change. This is explicable through Neuroscience.

Our brains have synapses that grow (synaptogenesis) die (synaptic pruning) and are otherwise malleable (synaptic plasticity). Whatever we put our minds on we literally strengthen in our brain through the firing of synapses. If you believe the world a place of atrocities, you will see them everywhere. Every article you read, every interaction you have will somehow reinforce this opinion and hardwire the synapses that feed those thoughts and emotions. Likewise if you see a billion miracles everyday, every interaction you have and everything you read will likewise reinforce that as well.

The only problem is that a majority of those creating news and consuming it fall into the first camp. They create media and consume media that further hardwires their synapses in a way that makes plasticity difficult.

Want to know how malleable your brain is? Try looking at your body. How flexible are you? The brain, like any muscle, is directly connected to the body. If your body is stiff and chronically painful, chances are your mind is as well.

However, this is always, ALWAYS subject to change.

It is a simple science. We literally can fake it until we make it. In fact, that is one of the most important things you can do. If you are plagued by a reality (and trust me it will be real in every way for you!) that contains mistrust, fear, anger at the state of the world, etc. you MUST begin to change your story. Stories, after all, are all we have. We may justify some stories as truth and dismiss others, but in the end we have stories we tell ourselves about the way the world works, and these hardwire into brain a very specific experience of the world around us.

For example, there is the growing crisis in the environment. There are big corporations who continue to exploit resources and seem to have too much power for their own good. By changing our focus we are not ignoring the reality of this. We are changing our relationship to it.

Rather than dwelling on the atrocity I move immediately, without hesitation, to my own actions. What am I doing to change this pattern in my own life? Is this an issue that I am going to put energy into changing? If so, railing against a powerful force such as this in anger is ineffective and absurd. How often have you seen angry and radical opposition work? If instead I come from a place of invigoration and clarity, I have a leverage the angry and suppressed do not. A malleable, healthy brain and body is the best vehicle for innovation. It is the best vehicle for creative problem solving and leadership. It is the greatest strategy and provides the most leverage for exacting any amount of change on any system.

Really let that sink in.

No matter what system you want to change, a malleable, healthy and happy mind and body will provide you the greatest leverage.

So where does the justification for anger at injustice go? It goes down the tubes. It is a poor strategy, wears down the mind, stresses out the body, making the person relatively ineffectual in comparison to the healthy alternative.

So I engage environmental crisis with enthusiasm and vigor. I draw people together to raise money for local environmental causes. I help to inspire others to greatness, to put their vital life energy into tangible projects that make a difference. We write grants, write letters to politicians, and help our local political body to move in directions that feel good. We move towards healthier, happier, better. We exude it, we cannot help but attract it to us. In the same way where the environmental crisis could inspire pain, anger, helplessness, and other emotions that chip away at our minds and body, we engage it with a proactive spirit that inspires us and inspires others. We become agents of effectual change.

I will focus on the billions of beautiful things happening on this planet. For every atrocity that exists there are numerous beautiful things happening as we speak to transform it. The world is evolving and amazing things are happening every day.

Do not get left in the dust.

My Creative Integration practice, as outlined in my forthcoming book ‘Unleash Your Creative Genius’ is designed to help you take back your power, and become a more effective agent of change and innovation in whatever field you desire. After all, this is not just a natural birthright, it is a responsibility. A responsibility to ourselves and our planet.

Anger at atrocity is not bad, it is just a first step. In the world of leveraging change it is adolescent. It must grow to invigorated enthusiasm before it can truly begin to make a difference.

Rob Lenfestey is an educator and innovator in the world of radical, creative, superhuman self-empowerment through his practice of Creative Integration. Thousands, including CEOs, celebrities, athletes and some of the top innovators on the planet look to Rob for expert advice and inspiration in health, creativity, personal empowerment and fitness. He is an accomplished Pianist and Composer and has worked on Grammy Award nominated musical projects and published two albums as his genre-bending musical project, Amorphos. Rob has played with musicians ranging from members of Rock band Ween to Bluetech to Burning Spear and George Clinton and The Parliament Funkadelic. Rob is an accomplished entrepreneur in superfood distribution as Mandala Naturals. Rob has met with world leaders in South America, India and Nepal; and has been given personal audience with H.H. The Dalai Lama and H.H. the Karmapa. As a board member of the Cloud Forest Conservation Initiative, Rob works with indigenous communities in Guatemala to help conserve one of the last, greatest unprotected virgin cloud forests in the world. Rob’s passion is to give the gifts of knowledge, empowerment and health to all.

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