The Global Shift in Power That Gives Me Hope

Today, while seeing some American responses to Muslims, my heart ached. It ached, not for the injustice of such a stance, but for the force which feeds it. Seeds of fear are planted intentionally by media and governments every day. Little seeds, here and there, mentions of this terror group, that murder, of violence. Seeds of honor and glamor, of courage and bravery are attributed to the legal bastions of violence, our military. These seeds are planted deep in the psyche of those who stare at the flashing lights of the television screen, with no idea how deeply it shapes their very experience of the world, of each other. These seeds become the gut wrenching fear and anger I hear welling from the masses. It is this very fear that makes people easy to control. It convinces people to give up their rights; to submit to less for the promise of safety. That promise is never given for free, never given from compassion. It is offered with the heaviest price tag of them all. It costs millions of lives, the world’s precious resources and is its greatest polluter. The military industrial complex grows larger and yet people are feeling less and less secure every day. A few men, the most lost of them all, grow fat and rich from the sown seeds of fear. It is through this fear that they derive the power to drive the fate of nations like cattle for the slaughter.

The pain in my heart is for these unwitting supplicants of fear and anger. They have been slowly, consistently molded to entrench themselves in these emotions, justifying them through the words that have been drilled into their heads through media. They feel  validated in their support of militaristic legal violence through the equally powerful myth of patriotism. My heart aches for these people and the inhuman experiment that has been wrought upon them.

However I have seen the seeds of hope sown directly into the barren soil of this desecrated cultural milieu. I have seen them take root and grow. They are powerful and vigorous and produce fruit that tastes of safety, understanding, compassion and interconnection. It is with this heart ache of both empathy for the lost and hope for the ever increasing number of those who are found that I wrote this yesterday, a mantra or prayer that feels more important now than ever;

“May power derived from seeding and manipulating fear dissolve from our world, and power born of compassion and understanding flourish.”

Even those poor, loveless souls who prey upon the fear and hate that they seed, stuffing their pockets with military contracts and oily trade deals. Sociopathic, beyond the bounds of any reasonable reflection of humanity. These people derive power from seeding and manipulating the fear, pain and hatred of others. The power they derive can determine the fate of nations and send millions zealously to their deaths in order to build this power. What they do not understand is that the power they wield is not as strong as they might think.

This kind of power is weak. It is founded on unnatural principles. Weak principles that do not stand the test of species survival. That do not stand the test of spirit, of connection to something greater. of feeling, viscerally the interconnectedness of every living thing on this planet and how we function as a single organism. This is our natural power, derived from our intimate experience of connection to each other and to all things. Humans killing other humans is an unfathomable monstrosity from the perspective of our true power. The power that requires such horror in the world is weak. It is built upon a foundation that cannot and will not sustain this species as a part of this planet.

With practice and experience in the wild world we begin to unlock our natural, latent abilities. We unlock our latent understanding, wisdom and natural efficaciousness. The painful struggle of modern life falls away. From outside of its grip it appears as an incomprehensible nightmare, a hamster wheel of self destruction that robs us of our vital, essential truth. This truth is that we are stewards of the Earth, the creative and curious, the exploratory expression of life. We are meant to collaborate with the natural world to create a reality far more powerful and advanced then the modern world. Our technology, our culture, are bare, arid reflections of the prestige, power and possibility that we inherently contain.

If only you comprehended for a minute how powerful you truly are. The capabilities and possibilities built in to your incredible human body. The creative force that is your mind and spirit. With even a fraction of this awareness such power as that which today moves nations and machines of war would fall away like dust, forgotten before it had even blown away.

And so I beseech you. Search within and find the truth of who you are, of what you are. Do not dismiss these words. We have reached a crux moment as a species. Either we heed the call of our essential humanity or we continue to allow a weakness disguised as power to control how we behave and think. A weakness we can dispel through a choice. A choice to become a part of the holistic organism that is Earth, to revel in the wondrous complexity of our interconnectedness, and to unleash the irresistible force of our true power that grows from this foundation.

Every day, more and more people are waking up to their true power. Every day the weakness disguised as power loses more of its grip on humanity. This seed of hope has a foundation of millions of individuals waking up to their power. Already people are accessing abilities that defy standard science and breach the threshold of the miraculous. We are out there, we are growing exponentially. It is not simply a seed of hope, it is a rapidly growing community that is awakening to its purpose and vitality.

The only question remains; will you plant this seed of hope in your life or wither fear, anger and violence? The choice is yours and the time is now.